Alf Alpha & Gene Evaro Jr.

by Gene Evaro Jr.

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    Too much fun... being inspired, creating, projecting... . Be sure to listen, but most of all, enjoy.




released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Gene Evaro Jr. Joshua Tree, California

Songwriter-Producer out of Joshua Tree, California.


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Track Name: Sage, The Way Of The Lion
theres a cast on the sun so light cant find me
candle laiden beats sing beside
and all that i see right now
is clouds rollin in from the storms south route

and every time we're moving faster
i've got something and either you got fatter
now i gotta slow it down
before i skift down the slope and fuel my house down

and when the sun is pushin itself on high
satan is a burnin' his rye
it's just a chance to see the light shine, right?

and now that the moments sitten right
im puttin on my hoodie and my hope sight
and im feelin something is a pushin for best down the road
but i dont know

someone once said if i aint right with myself
i aint right with the way the desert lies
(i aint gonna be in the way of the lion)
someone once said
if i aint right with myself
i aint right with the world outside

easy enough if you believe enough
every time you got a chance to see it tough
gonna leave you in the cold
but never thought it would feel
feel like this before

before now, i
i gotta find the sound right
i gotta feel the bass line
i gotta feel it all right
you try to feel it, alright